What is G.R.P?

The formal name for fiberglass is called Glassfibre Reinforced Polyester or GRP/FRP in short. GRP is a strong and durable material, they can be applied in a wide range of building and construction applications.

G.R.P. are structural products comprising a combination of dissimilar constituent materials. The overall engineering performance characteristics of a finished composite far exceed those achievable from any of the individual components used in isolation.

GRP generally consists of high tensile strength glassfibre protected by high quality unsaturated polyester resin. The term composite more accurately describes the products manufactured by today's fiberglass industry in Hong Kong. High performance resins (normally polyester or epoxy) are combined in a mould with high strength fiberglass to form a final product.

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Benefits of G.R.P.

GRP is the ideal material for infrastructure uses and all types of specialist construction. The major benefits of GRP can be summarized as:

Easily moulded to any complex shapes
High design flexibility
High Strength 
Excellent strength-to-weight ratios
Extremely strong, durable
Corrosion Resistance
Vandal resistant
Requires minimal maintenance]
Non-conductive – Thermally and Electrically
Accidental damage can be easily repaired
Aesthetic appearance and corrosive resistant
Available in a wide range or colours 
Ease of Installation
Easily designed to meet specific criteria: impact resistance. Insulation properties, fire resistance, etc.

GRP is suitable for a vast range of applications, including walkway covers. Footbridge covers. Cladding panels. Roof sheetings, guard houses, water tanks, decorative planters, signages, etc.