GLASSS REINFORCED GYPSUM, also known as Glass Fiber Reinforced Gypsum (GFRG) consists of high strength resistant glass fibers bonded with high density gypsum to produce panels that traditionally were done with plaster castings. The GFRG is lighter in weight, superior in strength and much easier to install than the traditional plaster castings. GFRG is lighter than traditional gypsum and can be formed to a better detail.

GFRG is extremely versatile and highly durable for interior applications.

AAS team helps customers with variety of interior cornice applications. GFRG can be used for wide range of entry way and door surrounds. GFRG can also be used medallions, intricate moldings and decorative pieces to dress up the ceilings and walls. GFRG is often used to replicate historical interiors found in hotels and restaurants and period homes or where ornamentation is a significant part of the overall look of the property.

The savings arise since GFRG is made in a factory setting at not at the job site. The molds are designed to create shapes and integrated supports that enhance the overall look and design of a room.

With customized mold making and casting technology of Yeung’s customers can use GFRG for any kind of interior applications. Only places where Yeung’s team isn’t recommending GFRG products are high traffic areas such as flooring. Other than that there are very few limitations to leverage GFRG for interior applications.